2Twenty Roma 2900 Scooter - Silver Grey

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Two-seater electric scooter, no license required, 50 cc equivalent
– Max speed: 45 km / h
– Power: 2,900 Watts
– Autonomy: 50 km with 1 battery, 100 km with 2 batteries
– Removable lithium battery 10 Kg
– Battery life: 900 cycles (approximately 40,000 km)
– Two-year warranty (scooter and battery)

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Here is our new model Roma 2900, series 3 (S3). We have made many improvements:
– Lightweight battery (10 Kg) equipped with an LED charge indicator
– Color dashboard with precise charge level displayed in%,
– New chrome spring & piston shocks
– Low consumption LED front and rear headlights
– Anodized aluminum footrest
– Two acceleration modes: sport and eco
The engine power has been increased to 2,900 watts which provides very good recovery and increased torque. The braking consists of 2 double piston disc brakes which allow emergency braking in complete safety. On the other hand, we have not changed anything in its retro look of the 50s which makes all its charm!
And as before, there is still no need to do any revisions. Lithium batteries are housed under the saddle. Just switch on the ignition and you can ride. The battery can be recharged at home or elsewhere using a standard 220 V outlet.
You can take 1 or 2 removable 72V / 20Ah batteries which allow a range of 50 km with one battery or 100 km with both. We have installed a TRIP function that is reset to 0 using a push button located on the right handle.

Fax harger instructions for use: User manual 2Twenty Roma 2900 – S3
T installation and repair tools : Tutorials


– Max speed: 45 km / h
– Range: 50 km with one battery, 100 km with two batteries
– Guarantee: 2 years (scooter and battery)
– 2 acceleration modes: sport (strong acceleration) or energy saving (gentle acceleration) – Click here to see the process . The scooter is delivered by default in eco mode.
– Removable 72V / 20 Ah lithium battery with integrated LED charge indicator. Possibility of putting two side by side.
– Precise charge level indicated in% on the meter (BMS communicating) + TRIP function with right button on the handlebars
– Charging time: 50% in 2 h and 100% in 6 h. The charger can be connected directly to the battery or to the socket placed in the side glove box.
– Number of cycles: 900 (approximately 40,000km)
– Motor power: 2,900 Watts
– Consumption / 100 km: 2.8 kWh
– Front and rear disc brake with hydraulic double piston caliper
– Chrome front shock absorbers with spring & piston
– Low consumption LED front and rear headlights
– Tires: 3.5-10 “Tubeless
– Tire pressure: front 2.3 bar / rear 2.5 bar
– Weight (with battery): 80 kg
– Battery weight: 10 kg
– Maximum weight on board: 150 Kg
– Length 187 cm
– Width: 75 cm
– Height: 108.5 cm (attached diagram)
– Seat height: 81 cm
– Color: silver grey – Pantone code: Cool Gray 10C

Important : check the tire pressure carefully: 2.3 bar at the front and 2.5 bar at the rear. If the tires are not sufficiently inflated, this reduces the maximum speed as well as the range.