About us

The 2Twenty project was born in 2016 from the desire to democratize electric scooters to everyone in order to be part of the ecological transition. Our goal is to make beautiful retro scooters while keeping a fair price. And so it’s finally profitable for everyone to forget the thermal scooters.

We pay full attention to the quality of customer service to ensure absolute peace of mind. With 2twenty, the problems fly away!

In 2017, after many iterations, we released our first model. The Roma has a charming retro look since it is based on the mythical model of the 1950s. Except that we worked hard to remove all the defects of the original model and thus have a very reliable and powerfull scooter. And which of course does not disappear in a cloud of smoke while fizzing!

We are based in France near Paris:

E-mobility Service
14 av André Morizet, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt
Siren company number: 824 238 711
VAT: FR 02 824 238 711
Tel: +33 1 46 89 15 01