Additional 72V-S3 lithium battery


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The 2Twenty Roma scooter comes with a 72V / 20Ah battery which gives a range of about 50 km.
As it is possible to accommodate 2 batteries in the battery compartment, you can equip yourself with an additional battery, thus giving your scooter a range of approximately 100 km.
Rechargeable 100% in 6 hours (50% in 2 hours) at home or in the office with the 2Twenty charger.

In stock

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Removable 72V-S3 Lithium battery 2Twenty

Technical Info:

Compatibility: 2Twenty Roma electric scooter
Autonomy: 50 km per battery (up to 2 batteries in the scooter)
Capacity: 72 V / 20 Ah – 1,440 Wh
Weight: 10 kg
Charging time: 6 hours

LED charge indicator integrated on the battery.

Height 35 cm / Width 21 cm / Depth 7 cm

Shipped in shock-proof secure packaging