Scooter Roma Black

Ref : ROMA NO 2900-S3

2 890 

Available November 1st

Electric scooter 2 seats – Equivalent 50 cc
Max. speed: 45 km/h – Range: 50/100 km
Removable Lithium battery 10 Kg

Available November 1st



The ROMA scooter is inspired by the timeless round shapes of the fyfties.
Its 2,900 watts engine is equivalent to a 50 cc engine. It is delivered with a registrate plate in the category 50 cc (national category CL).
Number of seats, including the driver: 2

It is equipped with a removable Lithium battery of 10 kg which is placed under the saddle. A second battery can be installed next to it.
To recharge it simply open the saddle with the key, remove the battery and then plug it into the charger at home or at the office (standard 220 V socket). The time of a full charge is 6 hours and allows to travel about 50 km with 1 battery and 100 km with 2 batteries.


– Max. speed: 45 Km/h
– Range: 50 Km with 1 battery, 100 Km with 2 batteries
– Front brake/rear brake: disc/drum
– Removable Lithium Battery 72V/20 Ah
– Charging time: 6 hours
– Number of cycles: 900 (about 40,000 km)
– Engine: 2,900 Watts
– Consumption/100 km: 1.8 kwh
– Tires: 3,5-10″ Tubeless
– Weight of the scooter (with battery): 80 kg
– Maximum weight on board: 150 Kg
– Warranty: 2 years

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